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Teen Girls Dream - Zoo Keeper


Ready to experience your dream job with a fun zoo adventure? You get to be the zookeeper and interact with a wide variety of animals! Let’s get started today! Your teen will love the adventure!Each stage of this fun zookeeper for a day app is perfect for teens as they get to play with a different animal in each one. You get to work with dolphins, tigers, lions, polar bears, and alpacas in this awesome game. Each animal has a specific task that you need to get them to perform or work with them on. Can you become the best zookeeper ever?
How to Play:• Get started at the zoo on your first day as a zookeeper• Train the dolphins in the first stage maze mini-game.• Take care of the tiger that has a boo-boo with some top-notch medical care.• Clean up the lion to get him looking his best as he hates to be dirty!• Help the polar bear sort his ice cream balls in the right box.• Give the alpacas a shave with the electric razor.• Live your dream as a keeper!
Your dream job is just a click away. Download today to get to work with all different kinds of animals!
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